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Attention: If you have received a charge on your credit card with the name "PURE WHITE" on it.

We are not the company sending out free trials and we are not charging your card.

There are numerous people that have fallen for the "free trial" offer from a company calling themselves (among other things) Pure White. If this has happened to you, you need to contact your credit card company and ask to charge back that amount and do what it takes to block any further charges.

Because many of you who have fallen for the "free trial" apparently cannot understand this notice, we have removed our phone number from this site. We are tired of getting cursed out by people who just cannot seem to figure out what we are saying (though it is perfectly clear to us).

Again, we are not associated in any way with this scam and cannot help you recover your funds. Contact your credit card company.

Welcome to Pure White Smiles - We offer:

Step 1: Create Mouthpiece Trays
The economical method to create mouth pieces is to create your own using a moldable mouthpiece that you "boil and bite."

Step 2: Apply Whitening Gel
You now need whitening gel to be used in your mouthpiece tray. We have a 16% carbamide peroxide (for more sensitive teeth) and a 22% formula for teeth requiring stronger bleaching. These gels are available in easy-to-use syringes (allowing up to 10 applications per syringe) or bulk tubes (allowing up to 120 applications).

Step 3: Use Daily Until Satisfied
Use your mouthpiece tray and whitening gel for at least an hour each day until you've reached your desired whiteness level. Most people will generally need 15-30 cumulative hours to complete the whitening process.